Bohemia Crystal 1978 (Weil USA)

Bohemia Crystal - Made in Czechoslovakia · Catalogue 1978 of Weil, New York, USA

Generously made available by Michael Siscoe, Organist Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Church, Peoria, Illinois, USA

Steven Bateman, member of, comments: However, I would like to suggest that you modify the title of the Barolac catalogue as it is not, strictly speaking, an Inwald Barolac catalogue. The catalogue shown is from the US importers Weil Ceramics & Glass. Weil used the Barolac name on many Czech patterns, not limited to the original Inwald Barolac pieces. Looking through the catalogue, I can see several pieces which were originally Hoffmann or Schlevogt (and also possibly Halama) patterns, and therefore not related to the original Inwald Barolac line we know in Europe. Describing it as an 'Inwald Barolac' catalogue could lead to people erroneously attributing these other Czech designs to Inwald.

"Weil 1978"

Weil 1978